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3 an elderly woman is takee to the hospital in crrticaa condition afterran earll morning fire breaks out in reis. reisterstown.the flames were so hot.. they even meltee the siding n a nnighboring house. megan gilliland ii ive fromm thh scene with the latest at thhi hour. good mornnng guys,ad lib... 3 3 ad lib...ggys,aa lib... 3 2:40 it came in two in under hhavty conditions and pad ems tarted ooking on herr right away. 3
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a baltimorr ctiy police officer is under investigation for statutory rape case in harford county. roberto santiago was already suspended criminal investiggtion.he's the third cityypooice officee to ongoing criminal investigations. keein clash...the man ehiid baltmore in the cllar, this morning.the accuserrwho said he had an underage sexuul relationship with clash retracts his statement.according to the noo says he relationship pdult... and consensual.clash says he's relieved....and a new report shhws baltimore as their neighborhoods. the hy joinn cenner foo political and
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economic studies found people income neighborhoods have a shorrer life span than those in more affluent areas.people rolanddpark arra.... ii north baltimore... 86 ppint 3 druid heights... 6 point 7 on yeers.senator bbn cardin found the study alarmmng. "to mm its shocking that there's a 30 year diiference in life expectancy innour community, baseddupon where you live, thaa is not acceptabl" to several factors such as ee poor quallty hhusinn and &peducation...unsafe streets an &paccess to healthy foods. the maryland health care for all coalition is calling &pfor a dollar increase in marylands tobacco tax.they'll hold a ress conference laaer today in annapolis. lawmakers approved doubling one dollar to two ddllas... inn a 2007 special session. earlier this year, they
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&pcigarettess an ohio woman is senttnced to public shaming... after driving up onto a sidewalk... to avoid etting stuck behind a chool bus. bussyou mmy remember this video from a few months back. shena hardin is the woman behind the wheel.the bus drivee recorded this incident... after noticing she's done it severaa times court... a judge suspended her icense and gave &pher a fine.but he also ordere her to stand on a streee corner... wearing a sign that drive on thh sidewalk tooavoii a school us."many residenns saa the the sentenne is -appro. :56 "honk. i juut wanted too man. only an idiot would shoulda ained, snow, leet or hailed or sooethin' i hope it do it before the hour ver." over."forran hourr.. hhrdin stood silent, with he sign near er feet, weering large &psun lasses nd a hat. firrt
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textiig,,then talking on the buds in listening to musscc word of her behaavor got back to the judge who sentencee her. he saas he plans tt join hardin for hhr seconddday of &ppunishment today. viitoria's secret is apologizing today... for a fashhon faux pas at ts annual fashiin show in new yyrk.the company rrceived criticism... after one of its models sported a native american headdress on the runwayytribbl members spoke outt.. saying it was a display of ignorance.the petailer says it plans to take the outfit out f the broodcast of the showw if you thought bbood donations were just for huuans... thinkkagaan. wwnston....a blood every few months to help pther annmaas.winston knows
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what it's like to need help.a &pwhile back... he was left someone threw acid on himm.e was later adopted by a happy family... anddis as healthy as can be. comiig up on the early edition... tte makeer of fake pot... target children. children.27:48 (cd)) witherspoon it's deadly it'' dangerous it's hazardous. hazardous. the packaging pdults should wwtch ut for. 3 (((reak 1)) ((bump in))
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3&p a pet might e a great but not for eeeryyne. joel d..smith is live at annn &parundel ccunty animal
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contrrl... .toogo over thh adopt. but if you're wer reedd, this could be the bess weee to do it right jjel d.? d.. 3 3 ((2-shot toss to weather)) 3
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((ad lib meteorologist)) 333 &p((traffic reeorter
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&p((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 395 map 195 map 40 ma pmap 395 map 195 mapp 40 ma p
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3 &p3 3 coming up... majjr league baseball names its managers of yeer.the close vote...
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involving the orioles' buck showalter. (make sure to blur face like pn the prooo) 3:55:52 so how do you explain the purchase last nnght? i have no idea how you bought it here. here.synthetic marijuaaa... that looks like children's candy. the it... and what to watch for in your own home. ((brrak 2)) 3 3
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3 a fox 45 crime and justice
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investiiatioo uncovers deaady drugs being sold over the counttr to kiis... and, most parents aren't awarr of it. in today's cover lepola shows us how the drug exactly is dealing it. who it. ((pkg))synthetic marijuana designed in a lab to get kids high. illegal buttnot hard to find. (witherspoon) it's a killlr.... a killer thaa drug experts havv a killer thht drug experts have atched evolve. 20:09 (mike) up to now it has mossly been on he internet. but it's not anymore.... as our investigatioo uncovered. ((nat pop)) tucked away behinn the plexiglass of this porthwest baltimore gas statiin...a drug dangerous to kids available for the asking.
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watth what our hidden camera capturrd. it's 5:30 on a thurrday night. and among un- suspecting customers.... wo young men wwlk up and ask for scooby doos.the street name given to the chemically aatered marijuana that's being sold here under the brand name scooby snax. here aa ounce goes for ten dollars. (witherspoon) 34:31 i chimed in aad said can we come back tomorrow he made a gesture like hees always got it. a cheap high.... that can have costly affectss4:53 (ed) you're playing russian roulette d-e-a agent ed marcinko knows composition.... and as seen the dangers.1:14 (ed) it's pold on theestreet.... and ing paakaged as if it's candy. p:55 (ed) it's a arketing ploy. it's a creetive way at packaging a material so people think this can't be wrong if you're seeling it over thhe's not only wrong.... it's lllgal! 27:48
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(cd) witherspoon it's deadly it's dangeeoussit's hazardous c-d witherspoon lives here in northweet baltimore... he's peen this synthhtic drug up close. 35:19 it's a very colorful package so as to make it attractive to young people pnd to make ittlook hhp ad cool. the craze has grippedd his neighhrbood and ddesnnt appear tt be loosening. witherspoon's found packets in stretch of reisterstown road. he egaa to track theesale of it with a neighborhood friend after hearing the stories frrm &pteens who had tried it. witherspoons friind asked we not hoo his face.42:07 i where i was he felt deep noo -3 embaarassed. was he scared? yes, he siid because he din't have any control over himself. in 2011 the marylanddpoison center reported 150 cases of kids wwoohad bad reacation after smoking synthetic maaijuana.more than half were between the aggs of 13 and 19
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old 14 yyar old or 16 year old went up toothat wwndow and said i want a pack of scooby doos they'' get it ii have no doubt they wouud sell it to them? yes becaase they just want to make money. when pnymore scoody snax..... 56:23 you're ssld out a manager later told usa& they used to sell it a the synthetic marijuana but dddnnt anymore. (make sure to blur face liie in the promo) 3:59:52 so how do youuexplain the purchase last niiht? i have no idea how you bought it here. while stories and maaketing thing certainly hasn't.... e - thaa is the dea's determination.... to eep thiss being sold. 8:14 (ed))we're gonna come knocking on yyur door and it's not going to be a gentle knock. // it's gonna be a hard knock these ppoducts are illegal anddyou need to park heiggts joy
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plpola fox 44 news at ten. in most cases, this drug is disggised aa incense or aromatherapy... and to parents,,thht's how it will &pshow up on your credit card statement. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... a major car-maker iisues a global recall. recall.the model year vehicles toyota is pullingg the ravens head to pittsburgh sunday... to faae the steelers. the injury that could leave roethlisberger .-rivaa... - 3(break )))-
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&p3 ((break 3)) 3 there will be some great high school matchups this weekend. the maryland interscholastic athletic aasociation athlettc interscholastic the maayland weekend.matchups thii great high school there will be somm there will e some great higg s.
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the maryland interscholastic athletic association championship football games
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will be played t johnny unitas are 10- dollars.log onto fox--altimoree dot com and click n "m-i-a-a &pchampionships" under hot topics for more information. one of the games right now.the 4545 get the tickets.. and a gift packkthat includes water bottless.. a stadium blanket and hats... juss in case you get old duriig theegames. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... the countty is about six weeks away from hitting cliff".thh meetings being held 3 &pin waahington today... that could keep ameeica on track.
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